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40-year old Scotch

While in D.C. last summer visiting photogoot we ran across a store which carried some very fine Scotch Whisky's. And by "fine" I mean bottles which were over 30-years old and ran into the four digit price range. That's why I was surprised when I found a bottle of Tomintoul which had been maturing in a cask since 1966 for only $337.

I asked the owner why it was so inexpensive. He explained that since scotch whisky which has sat so long loses a lot of its strength, they usually end up selling that to blenders - like Johnny Walker. That's where this batch was headed. When it got to the importer in Houston, he tried it - and found that once he put a little water in it, it was fantastic! Yes, they're selling this bottle at "Cask Strength" (which, according to my research puts it at between 50 and 60 percent (100-120 proof).

They also had a 30-year Glenlivit for only $175. Had it been Glenfiddich I don't know that I would have been able to resist. My wife even asked me, "Are you going to buy it? You know it won't be here long."


No, I didn't get it.

And today, I've completed my set of BSG die-cast ships which adorn my office with these last two I found today in Azle:

One is an "Elite" Mark-II, the other, a retro painted Mark-VII. I now have them all. That is...until they release something new.
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