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NOT CIGS. NOT DIP. SNUS! The advertisement reads. And at over $4 a package of twelve, rather expensive, too.

"Where do I put it?" I ask the lady behind the counter. She stares at me as if I'm planning to shove the product up my ass. "Where does it go?" I try again, "Where do I put it?"

"In your mouth." She says.

"So...its like dip? I ask.

"Yes." She says.

I remind her, "Its says, 'Not dip.'" I point at the sign. She looks at the sign. Then back at me.

Philip Morris is testing this product in the D/FW area. I bought some today. Its like Skoal Bandits. Except its dry, crumbled snuff as opposed to moist snuff. Its a variant of Swedish tobacco of the same name. somebritinmass sent me two cans of dry crumbled snuff. Its good, but DAMN! I usually chew moist snuff. This, being nearly identical to Bandits, is hardly the innovation I've seen in the past. Take Stonewall hard snuff. That was a pellet of tobacco which slowly dissolved in your mouth. That was good stuff! I just don't see the excitement in this. Then again, I've seen this all before.

I ask the lady behind the counter, "Have you tried it yet?"


"Are you going to?"


"Ok, I'll put in my mouth." I tell her.

"And you have to promise not to chew it. It says that too."


So I tried it. It was tasty, but wholly unsatisfying. I chew because I like to chew. This method was way to passive for me. Still, if I find myself somewhere I'm unable to - this is a FANTASTIC alternative.

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