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ariadnescurse: When you added me to your friends list I couldn't find any reason why based on your interests, but after reading your blog I thought you'd added me because you thought I was associated with your new favorite website,

bigdog_etc: You were so quiet at work, and a good sport putting up with my shenanigans. Then one day, after eating lunch at Taco Bowl, you unexpectedly raised your arms in the office and announced, "I'm full!"

blancpage: drax0r called one night before I was to show up to do some work on our lawyer's site. He said, "Don't freak out when you notice the 22" monitor you use is set to 800x600. "WTF?" I cried, "Why?" blancpage has been using it. "Jesus - is she legally BLIND?" I yelled. "Yes." He replied. Your sweet nature more than made up for the trouble.

bsdcat: I was always amazed at your depth of knowledge on the unixadmin list.

catnapcat: One word - Mariano's!

catttitude: I thought you were awfully sexy and so much fun I wished that I could marry someone like you. Since I couldn't find anyone like you to spend the rest of my life wife, I married you instead.

celtmanx: You were such a miserable prick in 7th grade I didn't like you. But you and Gleason were buddies, and Gleason was my best friend. Since he moved to California by 8th grade, you begrudgingly added me to your gang of miscreants. I'm glad you did.

codekitten: Your avatar is what I first noticed - and you always had something funny to say on melancthe's site. I couldn't believe it when I saw that you were friends with the husband of the lady I'm friends with. Funny how things sometimes play out.

crowy: I used to think you were retarded. When jesskd26 joined then you started posting on her site too I asked drax0r "Is she retarded?" He assured me you weren' were just used to myspace. That explained everything, and you became a welcome part of our circle. Until you stopped posting.


dawnst3ar: My first thought was, "This guy is cool! How come he has to be an MCSE instead of a unix administrator?"

dentin: I remember the first time we chatted on AIM real-time. I was drunk off my ass after a night of work with drax0r and you were like a god to me because you hand-wrote the mud!

drax0r: You kept wanting to put linux on my SPARC-20 clones.

dreamkatch: I followed a link to your site and it said, "Comment if you want to be added." So I commented something innocuous and wasn't added. I was just testing the theory, but the conversation which ensued was priceless!

evilplanner: I like the way you think. And I guessed who you were based on your comments ;)

galinda822: You were wearing a dress the first time I met you. I thought that was cool - its such a damn rare thing these days. You were talking to Richard and I was just watching you. That was just day one. The rest, as they say, is history...

irulan_amy: When I first found you, you were posting about food a lot. Recipes. Awesome. I found you because of you BSG stuff.

jaceman: You make me laugh.

jesskd26: You're even more awesome in person than you are online. And you're awesome online.

lehah: Your away messages on your IM client are among the best. When I first found swashbuckler322's blog I back-read a lot of his entries and found you along the way. Your review of The Fly/The Fly II sucked me into your world. You don't make long posts - you don't need to; your posts are succinct and poignant. I like that you voice your opinion and never back down.

leonardii: 1999 - Lords of the Realm II. You were my intellectual equal on overnight shifts and our breadth of experience was similar enough we never ran out of stories to tell each other.

melancthe: Funny AND smart. What you lack in self-effacement, you make up for in egotism. Is that wrong?

mistressmajah: Hotubs & tequila. Period.

nickdangerous: I was surprised when you added me to your FL, but I've found that interacting with you off princessleia2's posts I get to know you better. Your sense of humor is dryer than most, and that's a nice twist.

oxy_irony: I found you when I was looking for random people to comment. Irony is a lost art.

photogoot: It was 1992 and someone had told both of us separately that we'd likely get along famously. I was excited to find someone like minded, but I'm guessing you were rather skeptical. I'm glad you were wrong.

princessleia2: I have schpydurx to blame for meeting you. He sent me your...xanga address perhaps? Either way - as I used to live in the Philly area, I enjoy hearing the wonderful stories of food and beer and activities in the area...and your thoughts on new packages and linux development.

prog_guy69: When I first got on lj I didn't know anyone except drax0r, so I added all his friends as well. I'm glad I did.

schpydurx: TSS. Booyakasha!

skiesofchaos: Your art. Pure and simple.

snapper521: schpydurx again - he was pissing you off or something and you leaned into me to set him straight. I hope it worked!

somebritinmass: 1999 - You walked in, introduced yourself, sat down, and we talked for an hour. A Brit who's humor isn't dry. What an odd combination!

somemomintexas: I don't know what my earliest memory of you is. I was trying to think of it the other day as the idea for this post came into my head. It was sometime before my brother was born, so I couldn't have been much older than 2.

squackle: One word - Mariano's!

swashbuckler332: I'd been listening to classical music and scores most of my life, but your reviews made it come alive - you put so much back-story and data into them that the music simply plays by itself while reading. You're a brilliant author, and I enjoy your reviews.

telochka77: I've heard wonderful things about you, and not just from your husband!

unixwolf: 1998 - El Taco! 12-hour stretches of Broodwar for months on end.

vember: Assclown. Never forget.

wardlejew: TSS baby! I'm glad you're on lj now - though I do miss real-time chat, I think blogging is a damn fine second ;)

wkdbriss: 1993 - Community Coffee with chicory & ice cream. Well, that and the destruction of the marble obelisk. *sigh*

ximo: VNV Nation; Dungeon Siege LAN-party!
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