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We're in. Closing was the smoothest I've ever attended. Using my bank as my lender was brilliant on many different fronts. First of all, they required zero input from me whatsoever. Second, the rate was unbeatable. The new washer and dryer were delivered and installed yesterday, cable modem (7mb down/512k up) gets installed Friday. Final P.O.D.S. delivery is Friday. My folks are coming up Saturday. drax0r and I have been pinch-hitting for each other, working on the arrangement of both homes. Holmes... Everything is coming together smoothly.

Closing was cheaper than I anticipated and I didn't even touch the $10k loans...those will be going back to you shortly. Thanks again, for everything.

I'm 10.3 miles from my driveway to a parking space at work, averaging 19.5 mpg on a 15-minute drive @ 41.2 mph.

Prior to the first day of school, we were given placards to hang in the window of our vehicles to verify which children went with which car. The children were required to memorize these numbers to ensure smooth operation of after school pick-up.

It was anything but smooth.

On the second day of school, different numbers were assigned to the children. Numbers which were NOT the same numbers they had to memorize for the first day of school. No reason was given for this change. None whatsoever.

This didn't help things either.

On the third day of school it appears that they're considering scrapping the entire "Number" thing altogether. Apparently, school administrators have decided on a different type of structure - one which, to my small, non-school administrator mind seems to have far-reaching consequences, and is, quite possibly, the most progressive ideas I've seen from an institution such as this:

They've decided to simply use the students name.


And - just to mix things up a bit, I've decided against the office being Hunter Racing Green & Tan and have instead decided to paint it in a Sun Microsystems color scheme. My wife thinks this is a wonderful departure of the norm, and is very excited about painting the office these bold new colors. Though I must admit, I haven't told her that they're Sun colors. I just picked them out from the paint chits. The last colors were from Ralph Laruen's "Thoroughbred" line. These are from their "Urban Loft" series:

Introduced my wife to The Boys from Brazil last night. Asked her to watch a movie with me; didn't tell her a thing about it. She was into it almost immediately. She still doesn't know what all is involved. We stopped last night at the halfway point - can't wait to finish it up tonight! I don't think I've seen the movie since the early 80's; I think I caught it on its network television premiere. Its like a new movie to me.
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