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Nicolas Hooper

I don't know who Nicolas Hooper is, or why he was chosen to score Order of the Phoenix but I like what I hear. Now that I've had a chance to listen to this album over and over, I think it may just be my favorite HP score of all time.

I initially disliked the first track, "Fireworks" because of the inclusion of electric guitars - but now, though still somewhat grating, I appreciate how they punctuate the Celtic festival theme. Dolores Umbridge's theme is witty and catching, and my favorite, "Flight of the Order of the Phoenix" is inspirational and exciting! "Another Story" uses French horns (instead of William's bells) to add depth and foreboding to Hedwig's theme, and "The Room of Requirements" is lighthearted and a perfect compliment to the scenes in the movie. "Dumbledore's Army" is reminiscent of Young Sherlock Holmes and in truth I find a lot of the tracks a little short - I'd like to hear a little more.

I don't know where this guy came from, but I saw that he's slated to score The Half-Blood Prince and I expect great things from what appears to be his second motion picture, now that he has one under his belt.

The P.O.D.S. was delivered and I unloaded it completely into the garage. The next day, we moved about half of it into the house to the various rooms to start unpacking. My folks arrived with lunch and we had a nice visit, the kids especially enjoyed seeing them again since its been a couple of weeks since we've down their way. We went swimming to cool off, I was able to get the door on the rack (although without the latches - I couldn't get the holes to match up) and it looks great and is functional once again. To reiterate, you can put an E6500 door on a 68" "Mass Storage" (read old A1000) rack. It just takes a

Tonight, we have a Hawaiian-shirt party to go to. I'll bring a cigar and a bottle of scotch and unwind just a little.

Oh yeah, the cable guy stopped by to install my broadband Friday. This is the first time I've not used DSL. He came in and asked, "Where do you want it?" I point to the office. The only room in the house which doesn't have coax run to it...and it can't be fed down down the wall do to the unique ceiling in the turret. So, 'house-wrap' he called it. They run it completely along the outside of the house, under the soffit and drill through the brick. That happens Tuesday or Wednesday.
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