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Posted on 2007.09.07 at 23:01


prog_guy69 at 2007-09-08 15:37 (UTC) (Link)
Or you could roll down the window, turn up the music and PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DRIVING!

Being "Monster'd Up" is not a good thing. Let's try another scenario...

Imagine, if you will... you're driving down Hwy 5, a bit groggy, in need of a pick-me-up. You grab your "Monster Energy Drink" and down it in three gulps. A few moments later, so are so "Monster'd Up" that you arm starts twitching. Then BAM, you end up on the wrong side of the road with a semi in your front seat. You could have avoided it if only you had NOT been Monster'd up.

This, and other ironic death that could be avoided by not acting upon your desire for indulgence.

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