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  • Who you are is likely as influenced by the books you've read in your youth, as anything else.

  • I've had memories so vivid, emotional reactions so strong, to events and places which never took place in my own life, rather triggered from books I've read in my past.

I read Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith in the late 80's. I've never seen the movie, I own the soundtrack, and I don't think I've thought about it at all in 20 years. That is, until I saw its sequel, Polar Star at the Half-Price Bookstore yesterday. It all came flooding back. The imagery of the gruesome murders in Moscow, the crimson blood from the horrific acts a stark contrast against the pristine snow...I picked it up. But now I want to re-read the first one. I've never re-read a novel, even an all-time favorite, more than once. I think I'll break that precedence now.

Another I found was Robert Harris' Archangel. He was the author of Fatherland a novel set in modern-day with the historical fiction of Germany winning World War II. I read that a decade ago or so it seems. There's a novel betwix these two, Enigma which I may pick up if I enjoy this one. Both of these (and by extension, all four) novels surround an aging jaded detective who's too good at his job not to follow up leads, no matter how trivial they seem or whether or not sanctioned by or a direct contravention of his orders by his superiors.

I figure it would be good reading until the next Dan Brown novel comes out.

I was really looking for another book by Arturo Perez-Reverte, but didn't find one.

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