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The Perfect Drive

My wife says, "It's cool outside this morning," when she returns from taking the garbage out. As far as I know, she means not 100-degrees.

But seriously, its been a mild Summer for Texas. We've only been in the hundreds a couple of days out of the entire season. That makes for a good Summer. And of course we don't have the humidity of STL. Egads!

I keep a squeegee in my car to remove the condensation from my windows overnight while the car warms up (the garage still has boxes from moving in it - soon, I hope to be able to actually park in the garage) but that wasn't necessary today. The windows were clear, the sky was gray, it was beautiful and cool.

Autumn has arrived. Haydn Symphony 101 (The Clock) in the CD player, and for the first time since I bought the car, windows down! What a gorgeous drive into work!

When drax0r arrived we spent time at the memorial as we do every year. Excepting last year when he visited for me at my behest. And honestly, the first year was completely by accident. We were working late on some servers, it was dark out, the rest of the plant had left for the day and we had an hour or so waiting for a RAID group to rebuild or something along those lines. We were outside, just walking around and the next thing you know we're at the memorial. As we were standing out there midnight rolled around and we were there thinking, "Wow." We go back every year.

This year the weather was perfect. Fall is here. I have the rest of my life before me, starting this moment.
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