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For the first time in my life, I chose cable over DSL for my broadband. I did this because DSL requires you have a phone, and I didn't want a home phone. My wife and I both have cell phones. Mine's company paid and I haven't seen a bill in seven years and calls to-from our cell phones are free.

I considered cable in STL, but they wanted to extort money from me. They wanted to charge me for television, VOIP phone, and broadband, whether I wanted those services or not. Sons of bitches. Not that cable is much better here. I'm paying $47/mo. for 7mb down, 512k up. I inquired about a static IP address. "Of course! That's on our Small-Business Plan for $" FANTASTIC I thought....How fast is the upload on the Business plan? "512k." The man says. Huh? WTF am I getting for $99 if not upload speed - a single static IP? Screw you.

Besides, I think "SuddenLink" is a horiffic name for an ISP. I'd want something which connotates consistency, reliability, throughput and/or uptime. The exact opposite of my link "suddenly" being up, or as was the case this morning, "suddenly" being down. I remembered when I was living with drax0r his internet was down quite a bit in the morning. "SuddenLink" my ass.

Yesterday, as I was walking from the dealership, I passed a structure which has been on the corner of the street I turn down to reach the plant gate. I remember when the edifice was built. Its been there now for many years. Yesterday, however, was the first time I noticed the name on the front. They actually named the building. And as I ambled past it, I felt it was mocking me. It is called the "Walker Building."

And please help me welcome glodowg; another who sits on the local tribal council.

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