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Life is a cabaret, old chum...

I have a lot to do today. Nonetheless, I feel confident I will overcome all with both grace, and style. Its my modus operandi, and I'm comfortable in its execution. Most days, its simply awesome being me.

It was particularly moist out today. The lower-areas heavy with fog. It was a gorgeous drive into work. A meshing of man & machine as I pressed the accelerator around the turns; the car responding with a low growl, hugging the road. I wanted to drive back home as soon as I got here, just so I could make the drive again.

Unpacked my CD's last night. I've missed them. I have so many, that I I couldn't possibly rip them all, so I only keep online what I don't have physical media to. I've noticed everyone's music & movie lists out there. I briefly considered doing the same, but I couldn't get it laid out in my head. I'd have to sort by record label, which is how I have them set up in their racks. But I scrapped the whole idea. The only reason I can think to do it would be to brag about a bunch of stuff most of you don't even care about, and that's just too much work for so little return on investment. Nonetheless, I am thrilled I have them unpacked. My iTunes database & the few I kept out for my car were getting stale. I have a lot of Barbra Streisand CD's.

The Anna Texas forums is shutting its doors September 21st. Nobody knows why. I drafted this post to the administrator of the site:


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you've done for this city with your forum.

The last two places I lived I didn't meet near the people I've met because of your forum. I was at a party in The Falls a couple of weekends ago, and there must've been 30 people there - all of them forum members and their spouses. Not since my days in the Air Force have I had the opportunity to meet such a diverse crowd of people, and have fun doing it.

Daisy & RetiredBoomOperator, whom I met on here, organized a moving party for me at the party, which was such a big help and allowed us to move in just four trips from Tara Farms to Pecan Grove. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, "Thanks" as I would not have had the experience I've had in Anna, TX without this forum. What a magnificent tool for bringing people of a community together.

Thanks Joe,


drax0r and I became the top two posters in exactly four months tomorrow:

(8:09:33 AM) ProfessorTom: Good Morning, Sir!
(8:11:28 AM) EricHowton: Greetings similitude of earth creature!
(8:11:46 AM) EricHowton: Allow me to send you a binary string as a greeting: 1001010111010100100010101010101001

Today, my wife and drax0r's wife are doing some running around. Farmer's Market tomorrow morning, and after that...maybe it'll be one of those weekends I don't have to leave the house? Lots still to do indoors. Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!
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