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Conspiracy Theroy

  • Those who are diagnosed paranoid-schizophrenic often feel they are being followed by black helicopters. I was followed by a hot-air balloon Friday, and must admit, its rather disconcerting.

  • Docushare is retarded because its tree-view is a lie. You cannot traverse directories in both directions. That's just stupid.

  • I was driving 90mph down the interstate when a motorcycle pulls in front of me and matches speed. The rider stands up on his foot pegs. I scream at my boy in the back seat, "Watch this, he's going to do a wheelie." My boy has been wanting to see a motorcycle ride a wheelie in real life for a very long time. Sure enough, the rider pulls his bike in the air. A wheelie at 90 miles an hour. Sweet.

  • I don't have time to work on any projects I want to work on.

  • galinda822 is coming for a visit at the end of November

  • I love my Ultra10 workstation. Thank you ubuntu for breathing new life into it.

  • My boy has joined the Cub Scouts. I'm going to be one of those fathers who's at EVERY. SINGLE. EVENT. I'm not ready to turn him loose just yet.

  • Work has been keeping me extremely busy. Busier than usual.

  • Thanks to schpydurx for the DaVinci cigars. He provided two for drax0r, two for celtmanx and one each for my wife and I. How very generous. They looked delicious. I'll likely read the thriller - is the Nazi novel for celtmanx? Thanks again.

  • Speaking of cigars, the Montecristo's David got me for my birthday were supurb. I shared some at a neighborhood party with people who enjoy a good cigar. They were quite impressed, as was drax0r, who attended as well.

  • I was at the house a couple of weeks ago and had just pulled my can of Grizzly from my pocket. My boy says, "When I grow up, I'm going to try all the flavors of Scooby-Snack!" I threw the can away and haven't had any since.

  • My iPod ran out of juice yesterday and I forgot to recharge it. I brought a USB card into work today to put in my Ultra10 workstation to see if I can get it to work. If so, I'm giong to buy another dock, one to keep at work with me. In place of the iPod, I'm listening to Psy-Goa Trance on Digitally Imported today and it's working as if I'd shotgun'd a Monster brand drink.

    drax0r 'Shotguns' a Monster-brand drink.

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