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Friday night, the boy and I were looking for something to do, so we decided to see if there was a High School football game. Turns out it was Homecoming.

I don't know what that means.

I was then, as I am now, a geek. Something which wasn't popular back then. I didn't play football, I didn't play in the band. I've never attended a High School football game. I was the school newspaper photographer, which one would presume went hand-in-hand with things like, "Homecoming" and Varsity football games. Only thing is, I was raised in a strict religious environment where Sabbath was from sunset Friday evening to sunset Saturday evening thus disallowing any 'worldy' activities (such as Friday-night High School Football, for example). My understudy effectively shot every Varsity game, hence I've never been.

Tickets were $5 at the gate, and the "stadium" was only three miles away in this small town. Boy was I surprised to see not only the lot filled, but the Sheriff's department out parking cars in the field adjacent the parking lot as well. I was shocked to see every socioeconomic & demographic group there. I mean, I knew High School football was popular in Texas, but I had no idea it crossed those lines. It was awesome seeing such a diverse group of people gathered together for a single cause.

I really missed "Instant Replay." A great run would be played, and I would wait to see it again. It never happened.

Behind me, a new forum member was kind enough to explain things to me like, "Drill Team" (who are the girls in the sparkley clothes and what do they do?), "Color Guard" (the dudes who half-heartedly wave the flags), and of course the timing and movement of the Marching Band.

It was fun, I think I'll go again sometime.

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