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Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA is offering the signed copy of Battlestar Galactica, Season 3, (in conjunction, it seems with La La Land Records), and its available for pre-order RIGHT NOW! Dude even called me to confirm my online order when he couldn't run one of my cards - how cool is that? *shivering with anticipation*

Daisy was ill. Again. Yes, its been a month of vet bills. Whilst at the vet, my wife saw a noticed advertising a pug which had given birth to a litter of mixed-breed pups, and they were giving them away for free.

My wife used to have dogs. Until she met me. We have cats. I love cats. I dislike dogs. Either way, over the years, she's tried unsuccessfully to bring dogs into our environment. For one reason or another (and always after we've dumped a ton of cash into the animal), we've not kept any of them. This is a proven, repeatable track record.

That's why these pug pups make me nervous.

I agreed to see them with her. She warned me ahead of time that they don't look exactly like pugs since only the mother was a pug. "What was the father?" I asked.
"They think he was a German Sheppard."

We visit with the little guys. I'm done two minutes after we arrive. I've seen all I need t see. Nearly an hour later, we leave. I wait for her to bring it up. "They don't look anything like pugs do they?" She asks.
"No. They don't."

We ended up with the mother, and one mutt offspring.

She wants to secure an area outside for them, but our wood fence is a good 4-inches off the ground, allowing easy access to the other side. She buys a couple of 5-foot rolls of chicken-wire and some posts. By the time I get out to install it, I realize this is going to be a much bigger job. 120-feet of fence is exposed and requires work.

Options: We look at other ways to secure the chicken wire, cutting it in half and securing it, white lattice 2x8 I could cut the panels into 1-foot pieces but we don't have a truck and it would stick up too much and be everything I could think of was going to coast around $200 to implement. struck me. I needed an air compressor to work this one, but it would be the easiest, and the least expensive (outside of the cost of the air compressor, which I would get to keep regardless the outcome of these new dogs). I bought 100-feet of black, plastic landscape edging, ran it around the circumference of the fence, and attached it with my brad nailer! The entire project took under an hour. BAM!

Unfortunately, lifting the air compressor, while bent over and twisting to fire the gun, caused an audible "SNAP" in my back. The doctor told me that mean that I had actually ripped those muscles. Yeah, its painful. I suppose that explains the burning sensation in my lower back as well. I spent my first two days in bed, hopped on Vicodin. My boss suggested that I work from home if I couldn't make it in. She rox0rs. Unfortunately, this has been my most painful day (my wife blames it on too much time in bed). Still, I'm trying to get enough accomplished today that it shows.

And since I'm not really what you'd call a "Manual Labor" type of guy, my wife blames herself.

So yeah, this pretty much sucks.

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