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Floating into the Night

Every day, the pain in my back is worse than the day before. I took two days off work and stayed prone. My boss sent me an email telling me I can work from home if I need to. I worked from home Wednesday, but connectivity was spotty at best Thursday, so I went into the office. What a bad idea that was! drax0r picked me up on his way in - even wheeled me to the bathroom in my chair. I got everything done I needed to do, and was busy from the moment I got there until I left. I'm quite certain I wouldn't have been able to do all that from the house. Today, I'm screaming along with connectivity, so was able to work from home again.

Its a tricky balancing act with my meds. I was prescribed only 30 Vicodin, and they work GREAT if I take two at a time, twice a day. But The doctor told me to expect to be healed in about two weeks. That's a long time when you're dropping four Vicodin (5/500's) a day. So I'm trying to survive on one twice a day. Not easy.

I put on my CD of Twin Peaks which is woefully short, and that lead me into Floating into the Night, an album I listened to a lot of in the early 90s. Julee Cruise sings Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch songs - its like an hour long extension of Twin Peaks. Groovy stuff.

My wife went shopping with jesskd26 today, and with the kids in school, this marks my first time alone in the new house. I've been listening to great scores all day long. Her only stipulation was that I let the dogs out for 20 minutes every couple of hours.

Fine, here's some pictures of the dogs:

Naming convention: The assumption is that the pug was mistreated and used only to breed. That being said, I call her, "Tits McGee" much to the consternation of my wife. My daughter wanted to name the female "Star" so I started calling her "Starscream" (from Transformers) because my boy thinks its cool. My wife wanted to name the pup "Frodo" but son insists on "Anakin." In the interim, my wife calls the Pug "Pendragon" and the puppy "Poop shoot."

I of course call them both, "Oy!" To date, neither have names.

And finally, for something different this weekend, I plan to lay prostrate for 48 hours. Wish me luck.

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