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Cub Scouts

Took my boy to his Cub Scouts meeting. What a complete nightmare. Myself and two other dads were there to watch their 2nd graders learn teamwork and cohesiveness. Instead, we witnessed a living nightmare.

Let me start out to say that I'm not a very laid-back person. I've always wanted to be, its what I strive for. But that's just not me. I'm what one might call, driven. I set goals, I work hard, I sacrifice personal pleasures for the end-game. Oh, I used to be laid back. My wife asked me about that once. She said, "Remember when you were laid back and not stressed out all the time?" My reply? "Remember when I drank a keg of beer a week?" Either way, I like order. And that first Cub Scout meeting was anything but.

Also, having been in the military, I must view personal appearance in a uniform differently than others. There were people there that looked like a soup sandwich. They're called irons, people, and they help make you look less like 10-pounds of shit stuffed in a 5-pound bag. And I'm talking Scout Leaders, not the kids!

Too critical, I know. We'll see how he progresses over time, and with my gentle guidance of paying attention to the leader dude.

Cigar Update:
drax0r and I smoked a couple of those magnificent Dominican Montecristo's celtmanx had given me for my birthday. They were fantastic; perfect in every way. Moist, flavorful, easy to draw - C'est Manifique! And of course drax0r and I finally got around to smoking the DaVinci's that schpydurx graciously donated to the cause. It was a 70's day, we'd both left work early to attend a city meeting and we arrived an hour early to smoke our cigars. First of all, though a Nicaraguan product, it was very full bodied with a medium taste. Reminded me of the Hondurans I used to so enjoy. Anyway, allow at least an hour for this cigar, and prepare for a buzz. Thanks dude.

Moron Update:
If you and I have an active text-messaging session going on, don't call me. The reason we have an active text-messaging session going on is because I'm unable to talk on the phone. Thank you.
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