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The Tiburon and the Drive to Work
Gorgeous drive into work this morning! 45-degrees outside, windows down, heat to the floor. What a beautiful day! Its been a crazy, but fun week - I cannot believe it is already FRIDAY! but that's what happens when you enjoy every single day of your week!

An Important Phone Call
Earlier this week, I rec'd a phone call from Optimus Prime. He told me he was on the battlefront in Texas, and to watch out for my co-worker Tony, for he had joined Megatron! It was a hilarious, automated call which I played on speakerphone for the entire office. Everyone got a kick out of it. danzigfried was the perpetrator behind the subterfuge. Tony decided to forward the message to his kid, and I followed his lead. His boy (5) was excited beyond words, and excitedly spoke to his dad about the message. My call, however didn't turn out as well. First, my daughter cried because I had identified her as the Decepticon and she didn't want to be, secondly, my boy (7) became belligerent when my wife wouldn't let him call Optimus Prime back, because he had some more questions. When I arrived home that evening, I asked my boy about the call. He was excited he'd been chosen to fight ("when are we going to the battlefront, Dad?") but later admitted that Optimus was rude, because he didn't let my son get a word in edgewise. You, too, can have fun with your friends and children at Thanks again, danzigfried!

Eric vs. Powdered Eggs
I was in the unfortunate position this morning to have left the house without first eating breakfast. I headed for the oatmeal in the cafeteria here at work, but they were out. I started toward the breakfast burritos, but they too, were out. I shuddered as I looked over to the powdered eggs! *shiver* The pan was full, and the machinists were scooping them up as if it were Arrakin spice. I do have a method for stomaching this bastardization of nature, and I wish to share it with you now, just in case you, my gentle readers are faced with the same dilemma: Take a fresh biscuit and open it up. Place a scoop of hashbrowns atop that. Cover first with powdered eggs, then with a good potion of cream gravy. Sprinkle Tobasco Chipotle sauce atop the gravy and BAM! Its almost edible. Almost. Wash that down with a Monster-brand drink.

Bill and the Late Night
Straight from Indianapolis, Indiana, our pal Bill has been in Texas damn near a week at a Storage (for all you non-geek types, that's fiber-attached hard drives, not luggage, nor those little building your pay to hold your stuff) Expo in Dallas. Yesterday was our day. drax0r and I gathered up the posse and we all met for lunch at The Jalapeño Tree. My wife finally met my boss (its been nearly ten years) and later that evening Bill came for dinner, we were joined by drax0r, and had a nice visit outside, smoking cigars and drinking a French pinot noir. drax0r took Bill to his house for the remainder of the evening, and my wife and I retired.

Bill and the PowerMac G4
Mr. Bill left in my possession a PowerMac G4. It was originally my intention to replace my G4 Mini with the dual-proc PowerMac and give my Mini to the kids (and as I boot off an external FireWire drive its a transparent upgrade) until I found that the PowerMac was only dual-500MHz chips. Suddenly, keeping the Mini seemed more prudent, and building out the PowerMac for the children's use a smarter move. Nonetheless I booted it with my dirve and was amazed at the speed in which the PowerMac operated. A quick check of the essentials gives us a glimpse into why: 1792MB of RAM. All of a sudden I'm on the defensive trying to find out which has the faster Front-Side-Bus, memory speed, etc to craft a good SPECint overview of the boxes. Either way, Nice box, and we all come out ahead. Thanks Bill!

Pier One and the Chairs
Wife decided we needed some more chairs. Six of them to be exact. But only three were available here. So after work, drax0r and I have to bust-ass to Frisco during rush hour in his truck to retrieve the other three. While there, we'll likely have to EAT. Then rush back here, pick up the remaining three, and then we have the exact same evening planned: Watching Transformers with our kids.

This was supposed to go out HOURS ago but work got in the way. It has a way of doing that. I'm going to make a mad-dash at my FL while I'm at it.

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