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Quirky Qute Qube & Mad Mac Mayhem!

OC'd the mac from 1.25GHz to 1.5GHz - Hooray!

Too bad the sonofabitch is now prone to crashing when CPU usage gets too high! I think we're going to downclock her to 1.42Ghz and see what happens. I don't need this shit, especially since I access the box remotely and it requires a power-off when it locks up. Damnit Jim!

Also, got a new toy today:

David Robertson engineered the firmware upgrade, and I downloaded an upgraded operating system for it. Requirements: A PC from which to boot the linux install CD from (which contains the image to net boot the Qube), a crossover cable, and one of only 4 NIC cards of all the thousands of NIC cards produced today! Yes, I was having a little difficulty with that last one. Fortunately, my laptop contains a 3COM 3c509ctx. Unfortunately the 3COM 3c509btx which is listed as one of the 4 cards does not include the 'c' variant. Of course it doesn't. Fortunately, one of the cards listed is a PCMCIA Megahertz 10/100 LAN card which I borrowed from David a couple of weeks ago. But in order for it to work, I am going to have to disable the onboard NIC of the laptop in the BIOS, as a subset of the install rules is that of the 4 NIC cards you can choose, it must be the only one in the system! Yes, this is getting ridiculous.

David Eatherly is leaving for Vegas Wednesday morning. He's going to the Star Trek convention, whilst Wendy plays Texas Hold'em. Well, with them out of the house I'm staying in, I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to get his Win2k box up and running.

I'm feeling a bit like a MAN-WHORE lately. Due to budgetary restraints while we're saving for the down payment on our house, I'm only travelling to Wichita every other week. But this weekend, the wife slipped me $60 to make the trip again this weekend as well. Reminds me of the movie, "Deuce Bigelow."

"See this ring? Topaz, my mother's birthstone. Know where I got the money for it?"

Deuce Bigalow: Where?

"Man-whoring! See this keychain? Mini yo-yo. Know where I got the money for it?"

Deuce Bigalow: Man-whoring?

"Stock market! But I got the money for the stock market from man-whoring."
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