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Arrival to Earth

I'm too old to have grown up with Transformers. I'm familiar with it, but never watched it. My son became interested in the cartoons and toys a couple of years ago, and was sore excited when news of the movie began to surface. I wanted to take him to see it in the theater, but that never materialized, so to make up for it, we got it the day it was released on DVD, and sat and watched it as a family that Friday night.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

My wife has watched it at least a dozen times now. I had downloaded the score prior to having seen the movie, and I found the tracks short, and uninspiring. No surprise since The Island though tepid, was at least consistent. But as I watched the movie again and again, and started picking up cues and finding that I enjoyed the music immensely, realized I didn't have the score. What I had, it seems was the video game score! Armed with this new found information, and after hitting stores for about a week - I finally ordered it online. It came today!

I then began down that emotional roller coaster: Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,12,18,20 - *Different Version in Film

The last time I was this crestfallen was when I purchased the score to The Saint and discovered the Title Track was on the CD was different than the one they used in the film.

Then I became angry! "How can they call this the score?" I screamed at my wife! "Under half the tracks actually appeared in the film!" So I started doing a little research. Wikipeidia offers:

This may refer to the fact that these tracks, though complete on the CDas originally scored, are not heard in their entirety in the film or are broken up.

When has that ever justified "Different Version in Film?" It hasn't. So I grow increasingly frustrated. Still, my wife had listened to it the car all day...told me it gave her goosebumps and she wanted a copy of it. Maybe, just maybe, I'll give it a try...

Yeah, its that good.

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