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Personal Workspaces - A History

Posted on 2007.11.14 at 09:12


leonardii at 2007-11-14 22:43 (UTC) (Link)
I do so love your ability to make these chronological type postings. Very interesting.

Nice to see that Apple computer. Man, do I have memories of my Apple 2c. It was a damn fine machine for its time. Built-in floppy drive, and I had an external drive so I could make copies without switching disks. Everybody else in the neighborhood only had one drive... a real pain in the ass for copying gaming files from them when I was over at a friends house.

I was also the first in the neighborhood to have a mouse. Appleworks. The ultimate word processor and spreadsheet application. I too wrote thousands of letters on my Apple... and my dot matrix was humming as well.

I sometimes miss those days. But only sometimes... and I'm glad that I'm using my current machine... named Kickass. It's a Dell XPS laptop. It's beginning to show its age somewhat... but I lack the funds to get myself a replacement. That will change of course, in due time, in due time. I am content to wait... as Kickass still does his job well.

Lovely photos.
ehowton at 2007-11-14 23:49 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks dude. I'm glad you enjoy them. This one took me three days. I was very pleased with the outcome. So much so, that I added it to my Links list.

I still have Appleworks discs around here.

And that XPS should still be a nice piece of work. My XP box is four years old, but shows no signs of slowing down just yet. Just remember, the Apple MacBook Pro runs Windows faster than any other platform...
leonardii at 2007-11-14 23:54 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, this post was indeed done very well.

the Apple MacBook Pro runs Windows faster than any other platform...

Yeah, I caught that. I'm seriously looking to get myself a Mac. Perhaps my next big purchase...
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