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Personal Workspaces - A History

Posted on 2007.11.14 at 09:12


ehowton at 2007-11-15 15:36 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Fantastic

I don't know which is more awesome - the fact that its you, here on lj, or that awesome old-skool Sun Microsystems framebuffer icon you chose as your avatar! WELCOME!

And of course the SPARCstation-10 made the cut. And then we made history. I did finally get rid of all my SPARC32 boxes. I just couldn't keep them all. And yes, that helps when trying to appease the wife...
anisity at 2007-11-15 23:47 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I liked the GC6 too! .....Ill probably retire that box along with a two of the U1s once I get the Netra 1125 up and running.

All in all, a very interesting trip down memory lane. Nice to see that I'm not the only one who lived in a cramped 1 br apt btw.

ehowton at 2007-11-16 19:22 (UTC) (Link)
Did you see my t1125 in the rack? Aren't those awesome boxes? What are you going to do with yours? I'm giving an Ultra-1 away to a young, inspiring man who's flying up from Alabama in the next couple of weeks. He just bought his first mac, but I promised him a "real" unix box. What are you putting on yours? I want to put Solaris 10 on mine, and then put Ubuntu SPARC on my Rave. I've done that once> and am currently using it as my workstation at work. It's awfully slick.

Where are you these days? Still in LA? Still at Siemens?
anisity at 2007-11-17 00:27 (UTC) (Link)
Yep, saw it... the t1125 is a nice box.

I just recently picked up mine off Ebay, a while back I bought an U60 as well but no matter what CPU(s) I put on the machine it would always come up (KYB diag) bad CPU 0.

Picked up the Netra for $1 ($66 shipped,) hoping to swap the main boards...but when I did, I found that it wasn't a bad MB but a bad eeprom. So I will be able to swap that with one of my U1s. I hope to use the Netra to replace most local network functions (internally DHCP, DNS, NFS, SMB, and SSH externally) in one box. Gonna move HTTP to the U2 and use my newly functioning U60(with an Elite3D-M6 baby) as my main workstation, of course to some(wife, co-workers,) it all seems like over kill...

Once I get myself a static IP from the cable company, Ill give you an account on the Netra. Although I have no idea what you would want to do with it.

All do or will run Solaris 10. Haven't tried Ubuntu on a Sparc, yet. But I'm running it on the PeeCee,... Even converted my father-in-law!

Still in LA (Baton Rouge,) and still with Siemens, very nice company!

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