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Personal Workspaces - A History

Posted on 2007.11.14 at 09:12


ehowton at 2007-11-15 17:45 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Part 2

I'm therefore curious, how do you define the terms?
I thought I did, in the paragraph which prompted you to ask this question.

...it's that I hate the longevity and tediousness of projects. Is your experience/feelings similar?
Some SysAdmins do day-to-day support of the same systems at the same place for years, and love doing so. Others come in, set up, and take off, ready to set up the next place, and never do day-to-day. Both have their grinds; both have their spikes. Don't limit what a SysAdmin does. Limit instead what you, as a SysAdmin want to do.

HR people are the inexplicable freaks of this or any other planet.
Yes! But only an idiot who wanted to be hired by a professional company would eschew them as such and not learn how to operate within their modus operandi.

You've told me yourself time and again that you used to be emo and sport a ponytail too go with your 'tude.
You're mixing up your stories. When I was young (oh so young) I used to have a twinge of teen angst but didn't know what it was. I wrote a lot, trying to express myself. It ended when my teenage years ended. I NEVER wore my ponytail out of anything remotely appearing to be attitude (unless in a professional setting, for example where the Unix dude is unfriendly and non-communicative.)
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