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So let it be written, so let it be done.

Energy spent. The preparation. The party. Unveiling slowly, pictures of. Hosting dear galinda822 a week too quickly gone by. Time since recuperating; catching-up with real life. 12-hour slumber Saturday. A stretch between which too long has passed. Back-to-back 10-hour nights of sleep afterwards. Regaining strength. Weather not as forgiving on my body. For the party: Perfect. So affable I cried. Death has followed in her sted:

My head is a basketball. No matter - Time spent chilling with the fam is a welcome change.

princessleia2 fixed my SPARC linux box from 3000 miles away with THIS POST. I thought my issues were reversed. Thanks! Amarok for now. Long live mpg123.

Logitech's suck since disconnecting the Infinity's from the PowerMac & amp setup for the party. Move them into my office, perhaps.

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