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Don't Be an Ass

As each of us toils through our day, everyday, each individual thing we see or do is based upon assumptions.

Our own empirical dataset is inexorably flawed because we interpret our own experiences differently than others may have experienced them, falling again to assumption as we draw from ourselves in previous situations to react to new ones. We take things for granted every moment of our lives and live in a world of assuming the things we see and do will react as we expect them to. This is required to function. Our entire lives are made up of a series of natural deductions. Its how we've made it as far as we have.

Having assumptions is more about things you've experienced rather than new revelations unveiled, and its these situations where you're more likely to err. Those who refuse to 'make assumptions' have already failed insofar as they've just created a paradox by assuming they shouldn't. EVERYTHING is based upon what we, as individuals believe is true, and our reaction to them.

So please, refrain from telling me I'm "making an ass" of myself because I've "assumed" something.

You're just showing your weakness to assert your own dataset of rules, and you reek of ignorance.

Thank you.
Tags: assumptions, ignorance, logic, musings, party, philosophy, solipsism, tom_fav, ton-o-comments

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