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Posted on 2007.12.17 at 14:00


ehowton at 2007-12-17 23:22 (UTC) (Link)
We can't all of us never react to anything. When my boy busted his lip I went through a logical if/then program in my head trying to decide what I needed to do.

I could've thrown my hands above my head and run around in circles screaming.

And of course there are those times where I react immediately and without hesitation and don't even know why. I'm not impervious to my own yearnings for self-control.

But sure, I try not to, "Lash out" at people just because they've offended me.
galinda822 at 2007-12-17 23:46 (UTC) (Link)
It's nice to hear you say you're not impervious!
ehowton at 2007-12-18 00:37 (UTC) (Link)
Its...why we're all here.
galinda822 at 2007-12-18 02:06 (UTC) (Link)
So few admit it though! That's one of the things I love about you!!
photogoot at 2007-12-18 02:34 (UTC) (Link)
I came for the mysticism.
Tomas Gallucci
schpydurx at 2007-12-18 15:08 (UTC) (Link)
Damn right he's not impervious! Did he tell you about the gift I gave him?
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