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May the Force be with You

  • Took an unscheduled trip to visit the folks Saturday morning even though they're driving out here on Christmas day, and ended up leaving the children there until Tuesday. Bonus. We had a nice visit. I feel like I'm really getting my money's worth when they show up next week, because we've already caught up; we can now do some real visiting with the pleasantries already behind us.

    The house sure is quiet though.

  • One of my favorite quotes in The Three Amigos is the monologue concerning El Guapo, and I required the text for a comment. IMBD however, doesn't re-direct to a list of movies for you to choose which The Three Amigos you want to view details for, no it takes you straight to Carlos Mencia's comedic standup because of the inclusion of the article, "The." I find this unsettling. So I do an actor search - Martin Short, nah - Steve Martin, that should do it. There are thirteen. Art Directors, Production Specialists and the like. I can't find the actor Steve Martin...that's because he's listed as the writer of Shopgirl. Of course he is. Almost no one is familiar with the fact that he also acts.


  • Found A Life Less Ordinary at Fry's for $7.99 and watched it last night. I was sure my wife had seen it. galinda822 let me borrow it when I first arrived in STL, but I thought we all watched it together at her place once. She enjoyed it, so that rocks. Holly Hunter is fantastic.

    Then I finally got around to watching, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Good stuff.

  • When I was in Alabama several years back, we were staying in a million-dollar "log cabin" about a quarter mile away from where our friends lived on the same property. Every morning we'd walk up, and every evening we'd walk back. In between we'd spend time walking around the acreage. Our friends ran an animal rescue, and had several pets of their own as well. I'd never seen cats "walk" with you, but there were about six that walked with us and the dogs wherever we went.

    Daisy "walked" with us today as we took the pug for a walk. That was awesome.

  • schpydurx posted some anti-Semitic material for which I called him on. I mean, I know he has a love-fest for Mel Gibson, but Christ! Reminds me of the They Might Be Giants song:

    This is where the party ends
    I can't stand here listening to you
    And your racist friend.

  • I've been replying, "May the Force be with you." whenever someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, and since we've been out shopping today, that's more than a few opportunities. I thought it was funny and witty.

    My wife hates it.

I think I'll drink Peppermint Martini's to excess this evening.

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