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Its The Princess Bride for a new generation. Ian McKellan is Peter Falk and we are Fred Savage. The scenes are flush with location and the supporting actors were superb! Andre the Giant would approve. At just over two hours, its a rather long movie, but the discrete storylines, all which culminate to the climax, keep everything moving in the right direction. Sure its a coming-of-age movie wrapped up in a fantasy romance, but what it lacks in depth it more than makes up for in genuineness.

It is how At World's End should have, and reminiscent of Lady in the Water. The score was just as glamorous as the movie, if not a little heavy in places. All I've found so far is an anemic 192kbps copy of it, which means I'll be purchasing it as soon as I find it...but in the meantime I'm grinning from ear to ear as I author this, as it is playing now. My keystrokes are matching its sing-song melody.

I don't fall in love with actors or actresses - I fall in love with characters. And despite how repugnant I usually find Claire Danes, she was beautiful in this. Post-production and all.

A philosopher once asked, "Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?"
Pointless, really..."Do the stars gaze back?" Now
that's a question.

Speaking of scores and Pirates I found a box set at Sam's Club for $55 containing the three soundtracks, plus a disc of unreleased material and a DVD of how they scored the film. If they still have it after the holidays, I think its mine.

Watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights this evening. I hadn't seen it since it was released in theaters in 1993. I enjoyed it more this time around than I did then. And I was pleasantly surprised at the end, as I had no idea who had portrayed King Richard. Make it so.

Folks are coming over for Christmas as my father is off work. They'll be bringing our children back to us. Its been a quiet weekend. Forecast for tomorrow - Sunny and sixty degrees. Therefore, the Texan in me says its grilling time! I'm going to smoke some 1/2 pound Angus burgers on a cold grill for about 20 minutes, them light the burners and sear that smoke flavor in.

Found some 'horseradish cheddar' at the deli to complement it. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

And for those of you who attended the December 1st bash and wanted the Homemade Irish Cream recipe:


One can sweetened condensed milk
One cup whiskey
Half cup dark rum
One pint of half 'n half
One tablespoon chocolate syrup
Three eggs


Half teaspoon almond extract
One teaspoon vanilla extract


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