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Zombie Attack!

As a rule, I don't watch zombie movies. The only zombie movie I've seen was Shaun of the Dead and as that was a parody of other zombie movies, the bulk of the movie was lost on me. Enjoyable nonetheless as it introduced me Nick Frost, whom I adore. But this entry isn't about Nick Frost, nor zombie movies. It's about what happened to me last night, in a dream.

I was in STL and there was a zombie outbreak. I don't know why, but as one can imagine, this caused considerable panic throughout the city. I had with me drax0r and catttitude. We were trying to evacuate galinda822. It was dusk and the streets were littered with zombies, both reanimated and recently eradicated. We tried to escape the city in a vehicle, but not only were the highways clogged with people trying to flee, but also with people who "turned" as they were driving. These lethal zombie-drivers were using their vehicles to run down pedestrians and other cars on freeway. Soon, the roads out of town were blocked with carnage and wreckage. As it was getting darker, drax0r and I lead my wife, children, and galinda to safety by way of an "Underground Railroad" of sorts. Decent folk who set up trapdoors and hiding places within the confines of their homes to help people out of the city as they stayed back and defended their home with munitions. Weird.

Tags: dreams, stunt work

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