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I am a Leaf on the Wind

Why, when I talk about faith, do you always assume I'm talking about God?

I haven't quite come to the realization that I work for a living. I've been off for so long that its been...difficult getting back into the swing of things. I was at work three days last week. I was hoping those three days would get me fired up. Failing that, I was anticipating this weekend would do the same for me. Both drained me further.

I am hopeful, though. Lots of fun activities in the wings. drax0r is out this week touring the Northeast. I may triple my output this week. Prime the pump so to speak. Help me set a pace for the rest of the year.

I took advantage of having drax0r's iBook at my house since the party, and not having my own working OSX system to configure wireless access throughout the house. I haven't had a notebook on my lap while sitting on the couch since I left STL. I sure hate XP. My Windows box is the more powerful box I have, and it does things much speedier than my mini - but I'm saddled with having to run iTunes on Windows. It does so much better on OSX. I pity the fools who run iTunes on Windows. They have no idea.

I'm talking myself into a new Mac. I just wish I could salvage the old one. Put it in the kitchen with a small 12" LCD for the wizzle. She'd dig that. Make my iTunes directory network accessible for her. I could accomplish all that for about a grand.

Right after I finish all those other $1000 projects I want to do.

Its been hard here lately because we rolled our own escrow. And in order to ensure 20% down on the house, we paid no taxes at closing. Which mean we had to save a years worth in four months. We paid them this past week. My wife deserves all the credit for her...creative budgeting.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - 2008 is going to be an awesome year. I'm even excited about going to work tomorrow now that I've taken the time to write this all down. I have a new boss, and he's great. Lots of good ideas. I still get to interact with my old boss, which is more awesome than words allow. And oh the toys! I'm building a Solaris 10 x86 jumpstart server which will install both architectures, and then cloning it for deployment to Andover, where drax0r is. Maybe I ought to finish it up before he gets back? Triple my output.

As long as I at least keep going through the motions, eventually everything else will catch up. And once things fall into place, I'll be unstoppable.

You guys have been a blast. Thanks for joining me on this ride we call life.
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