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Yesterday at work one of my co-workers was discussing terminology we use with children with another co-worker and engaged my opinion. This turned into a discussion of the differences of raising boys versus raising girls. He has two girls, and was envious that I at least had a boy I could raise. He said, "With a boy you don't have to worry about about knowing what a demi-plié is."

I placed my heels together and pointed my feet out to form a "V" and placed my hands on my hips, fingers-front, explaining, "Start with first position," and knelt slowly then came up. "The demi-plié." I announced. Mouths started to drop open. I continued with a battement tendu, that is, from first position, extending a foot without ever leaving the floor, ending with a pointed toe. Four or five people were staring at me in disbelief. "I have a girl also." I told them.

  • I'm quite sure they think I'm a flaming homosexual.

We're having drax0r and jesskd26 over for dinner Saturday, so my wife wanted me to pick up one of those little mini-kegs of Heineken for the event. I made my way over to Anna Fine Wine & Liquor to ensure one was put in the cooler for me and was informed that the 12-pack of Heineken Light was on sale. I discusses the pro's and con's with my wife (she's very particular) and ended up instead with 36 cans. I cracked one immediately as I've never had a Heineken Light, and it was delicious! They were ice cold so I had another, and another...and another! I finished my fifth and last beer, lightheaded and slightly tipsy when my daughter announced, "You have to come meet my girlfriends mom and dad. They want you to."

For those of you who remember, I took my daughter's hand in Saint Louis and we walked around the neighborhood looking for, "girlfriends" for her. Daddy, will you find me some girlfriends to play with? Last night, however, she had finally found her own - but the parents wanted to meet us. So...slightly and somewhat immediately intoxicated, I lit a cigar and my wife and I walked the dog and stopped to meet the parents of two little girls around my daughter's age. Nice folks...if I recall correctly. And I may not.

  • Its a good thing my wife was there.

And this morning, on the drive into work, I rec'd a call from my daughter's kindergarten teacher. "Mr. Howton, today I'm showing the class a film on Martin Luther King for the upcoming holiday and your daughters tells me she's not allowed to watch movies in the dark?"

Yes, I burst out laughing.

You see, the children like to turn out the lights in the Children's Retreat when they have friends over and are watching DVD's. I don't care for it because it generally causes more problems. So I tell them they're not allowed to turn off the lights.


I explained this to the teacher and gave my permission, apologizing that she had to call me. "Oh its no problem," she said. "Its just that your daughter was adament about not disobeying you."

  • What a little sweetheart.

Wore this shirt to my folks last weekend. Much to my chagrin my father thought I looked like the "Bumblebee Man" from "Channel Ocho" on The Simpsons and he was all manner of amused. Nice.

Found it! Was looking for this entry to link above:
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