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A Good Day to Grill

Our "Create Your Own" quesadilla dinner with drax0r and jesskd26 was probably the best grilled quesadilla's I've had since Saint Louis. There was so much food, in fact, that we also invited our next door neighbor onthetrails and his wife. He helped drax0r and I pound down over a case of Heineken Light in preparation for the rest of the evening, as non-drinkers at glodowg's house, so our respective spouses could tie one on. It was with great forethought that drax0r arrived with two 32oz. Monster brand drinks. The B.F.C. oil can. Thanks for all the RAM!

Since dismantling the system in the garage after the December 1, 2007 party and redeploying the PowerMac G4 to my children's common area this weekend (my boy loves having his own playlist and is already adept at navigating iTunes) I was without music in the garage again. Undaunted, I attached an external drive to drax0r's iBook and moved my Logitech speakers from my primary system to the garage and voilà - back in business!

Alas, the repetition and familiarity of the December 1st Playlist became burdensome, and under the suggestion of drax0r, we turned to Digitally Imported's Goa-Psy Trance playlist. It was so very awesome we simultaneously had the epiphany that we should've just tuned in to that during the party instead of bothering with a playlist. Then the wives brought us back down to reality. Fair to say, they don't care for Techno.

My folks were in Dallas today and were able to spend the afternoon with us - it was a great visit in which I had an excuse to grill quesadilla's for lunch and drink mojitos. I think we finally wiped out the rest of the ingredients. By far, my wife's homemade pico de gallo was the biggest hit. My father brought with him $800 of baked goods that my wife distributed to friends throughout the city, setting aside a healthy portion for ourselves. After that we didn't do much, but when they left I felt...lost without purpose, so we finished up Serenity and the four of us retired to different areas of the house, doing our own thing for the rest of the evening. I thumbed through the Official Visual Companion of Serenity, a Christmas gift from jesskd26, and "talked" to schpydurx via AIM through snapper521 while he rudely watched House, MD. Strangely, he has no time to post.

In a more personal vein, my Bengal, Niobe has been missing a week now. There was a lot of coyote activity in the area last week, as the weather was changing, and I fear her lost. Regardless of this, I still call for her every evening, and still leave the garage door cracked for her. She's gone MIA before, only to return without explanation, but its getting so cold at night these days, I worry. I'll do the only thing I can do, and keep calling her every evening, in hopes that one day, she comes back.

My kids have MLK off, and my wife doesn't have to get out of bed early to prepare them for school, and I really should be in bed myself, but I'm vacillating between getting a great night's sleep, and working on all the little computer projects that I never seem to get around to.
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