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Livejournal Personalization - A Brief History

A Sturdy Gesture - 050415-051003

I started my Livejournal Account at the behest of drax0r on May 12, 2005. At the end of that week, I modified my account from the basic look, to A Sturdy Gesture and added my backdrop. She resides with us today in spirit, and is available for download here. I call her, "Code Girl."

Variable Flow - 051003-060512

Six months later, and frustrated with the single modifiable option of my skin, I applied Variable Flow which gave me a secondary option for a backdrop, which I took advantage of by creating a highly lightened copy of Code Girl and placing her in the text area. Setting them both as static images and manipulating their placement, I was pleased to have pulled off a perfect simulated transparency. This was also the cleanest theme I've run, with no sidebars or distracting links.

Nebula (Green) - 060512-070710

Seven months later I was dying for a sidebar and some links! Much thought went into this next theme, which I've kept the longest at a whopping 14 months. Of course there were many little tweaks which allowed me to stay on my toes with this one, the culmination of that duration. Originally, it was Code Girl alone as the backdrop. Soon, however, I added the prtdiag output from my Solaris box, then later, blended it with my MSN Spaces wallpaper. This background is available here in gif format for quick-loading. It was during this era that I added and perfected my world-famous rotating banner. This, my masterpiece, was representative of a VT100 console terminal.

Nebula (Amber) - 070324-070325

VT100 console terminals also came in amber, which is portrayed in my link color. photogoot and I were lounging around his apartment one weekend I was up there and one thing led to another (as these things often do) and I swapped the colors, creating an amber VT100 theme. He loved it! No one else did, and it hurt me to look at it. This skin lasted two days. For the bold, that wallpaper is here. It really is very lovely.

Nebula (Blue) - 070710-080201

Ready for a change after just over a year, I went back to the drawing board. The theme was solid, no need to mess with that, but new colors just weren't jumping out at me. This time, however, I put up a poll. My mock-up of the blue (seen here with original concept wallpaper) won hands down, and was put into place almost immediately. It was during my blue era that I began constructing the highly entertaining animated banners but stopped during the middle of my second to phase them out, and began using only photogoot originals as banner images.

Nebula (Purple) - 080201-PRESENT

After only seven months, I've made another change. Perhaps my most jarring yet. Its a complete departure from the norm, and less specific as to the source of its fandom. Reviews have not only been overwhelmingly positive, I've been asked to design other pages. I just finished celtmanx's new crib - which embarrassingly was nothing more than a collage of topless women matched for color and a change of font, but it brought with it nonetheless a request for a similar project over at leonardii who wanted a "juxtaposition of Renaissance and Sci-Fi" after laying eyes on Celtman's. I've only started that one, but so far the results are surprisingly delicious.
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