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And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife...

And you may ask yourself, " did I get here?"

I drink a very specific brand of beer. Pilsner Urquel. So does my wife. She also drinks my Scotch and smokes my cigars! Yes, I'm lucky to have a woman who, in a lot of ways, is just like me. But since she's started blogging, and become active on the forum, she's been hogging my computer! Hrm, maybe I could get her to start troubleshooting them as well? So something had to give, despite the fact there was nothing more to give. We were using drax0r's iBook, and last week I brought my uber-laptop home, but I usually leave it at work during the week. So...I pulled the new, yet-to-be-rebuilt mini from my KVM and plugged her in. Its like she's on crack.

Yeah its tight quarters, but at least we're together in the evenings.

My boy bought close to $200 of the 600+ piece LEGO sets on clearance with his birthday money. We stayed up way past his bedtime putting some new stuff together. He doesn't need me anymore - following the directions he's been able to get stuff together all on his own these last few weeks. He likes me there nonetheless, so I sit and build boring things like fantastical troop transports and cargo aircraft. They do seems to come in handy when we its the good guys against the bad guys, and there's always a good vs. evil struggle in every game we play. Since he was a toddler, I told him evil never triumphs over good. Now that he's older, and wants to win, I get to be the bad guy (or, since today we were playing with Star Wars LEGOS) he explained I would be on the Dark Side.

That's me boy.

When he was but a baby, celtmanx gave him a toddler's X-Wing fighter play set and Millennium Falcon. He loves those toys. And just about every hour of every day, he has some ethical/semantical/hierarchical question concerning the Star Wars universe. And while I appreciate the insight, its hard to explain to an eight-year old that when governments become tyrannical, they're no longer the "good guys" and those who would be known today as "terrorists" are worth rooting for.

Where did all this get so fucked up?
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