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The Frozen Pendulum

I'm over-medicated, overstimulated, oversimulated, over-extricated.
Over-caffeinated, over-agitated, and overly ablative.

I have a tendency to be overbearing, aggravated, overly annoyed
And very, very agitated...

I'm articulate, articulated, most assuredly antiquated, overstated,
Opinionated, over-speculated and very highly orchestrated.

I've contemplated, extrapolated, deliberated, manipulated,
Sometimes over-extenuated, often reverberated but never once capitulated!

I've fornicated, masturbated, masticated, machinated
Necessitated, penetrated, copulated and pro-created.

Thankfully I have an over-abundance of sometimes obfuscated but always attenuated
Fascinated, obviated, and deeply deeply understated, often imitated but never recreated:

Passion of love.
Tags: poem

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