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An 80,000 Foot View


I've concluded my two backdrop projects. The most recent, was to be a "juxtaposition between Renaissance and Sci-Fi" with the suggestion of a lean toward Voyager. I narrowed that scope to Seven of Nine and John Williams Waterhouse based on requested samples of specific period pieces. And while I was able to take a disturbing fake of Jeri Ryan as a she-male with an erect silver borg 'member' stuffed into a fake of Robert Picardo's ass, and turn it into nude "art" (looking at it, you have no idea of its horrifically graphic source) my favorite has to be:

The finished project can be found here.

Speaking of, I was very excited to have talked celtmanx into limiting his background to Inara and Book. Now he wants this picture included. I submit to you - where would I put it in this picture? celtmanx's was much easier to do - being simply a collage of carefully selected images.

About celtmanx: Back a spell, our very own galinda822 posted about a mother who shaved her teenage daughter's head to make her unattractive so boy's wouldn't have sex with her. I posted my usual nonsense - I wouldn't do a bald chick. Unless she was hot. Subsequently, celtmanx replied seemingly daily to that comment (in galinda822's journal) to me with full-length, full-color "bald" chicks (if you know what I mean). As one can expect, galinda822 eventually had enough of this, and rallied my wife to her cause, who demanded I take action (she wanted me to fill his journal with schlong).

I got around to payback during the backdrop creation for his site. You see, there we were, both on AIM...

I was looking for pics of Inara (he wanted nudes) and I'll be damned if I didn't find nuded fakes of the entire cast of Firefly. Yes, you heard me right, The entire cast... Hehehe.

As he expected, I started with nudes of Inara - accidentally slipping in fakes of Jayne & Mal with large, turgid man-parts. I wish I could've seen his face! I ended up slipping in an entire sausagefest. Great fun AND...dear galinda822 was finally vindicated!

The entire Firefly Fanfic collection can be found as a result of a wget here. For the love of your dear and fluffly lord, please click at your own risk!

Pictures! I've been on on the hunt for non-boring things to take pictures of without actually putting any effort into it. I find that just following my boy around is great fun, because he's always doing something. I found him out in the front yard swinging a stick around as a lightsaber. As soon he saw me he struck a menacing pose.

And I feel lucky to have snapped this one of Daisy. Thankfully, the camera, coupled with its high-speed card can take back-to-back pictures. This is something I never would've been able to grab with the camera drax0r gave me three years ago.

I seriously wanted to make a Sun Microsystems demotivator out of it (or at least my very own lolcat) but I suck and couldn't think of a thing. Maybe you guys'll come up with something.


  • For those in the know, the wallpapers are here. I'll say no more.

  • galinda822 sent me the novel Stardust. Thanks!

  • I've been getting a lot of requests for job interviews lately; mostly in the D.C. area.

  • They canceled the Pinewood Derby build-day. Without communicating it to anyone.

  • I didn't leave the house today. How cool is that?

  • I made two avatars up for grabs if anyone wants them:

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