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Frozen Poop On A Stick

upon logging into my server for the first time...

ProfessorTom: keyboard ineractive authentication
ProfessorTom: I like that term better than password
EricHowton: You could call frozen poop on a stick, "icy lickable excrement" but that doesn't mean it would taste any better.

User calls to tell me he cannot telnet into a blade 2500:

"telnet is turned off," I say, "Use ssh."
"Well, I can't log in to the console."
"So, you're sitting at the computer and trying to log in?"
"Yes. It gave me a login screen, I tried to log in, then the screen just went blank."
"I'll be right there."

\time passes\

"Where did this USB drive come from?" I ask.
"I got it from (some business unit)"
"Let me rephrase. How did this USB drive come to find itself attached to this system?"
"I put there."
"You cannot dynamically attach filesystems via USB on Solaris. Remove it, then log in."
"Hey, I'm in!"

Official Notice:


I have accepted a Site Services Delivery Manager position on another
account within [my consulting firm].

You guys have been fantastic and this has been a wonderful account to
work on. The opportunity to move into a junior management position however,
exceeds my expectations and is the next step in my career with [my consulting firm].

I came here with hopes to help get you production ready, and believe I
have fulfilled that goal.

Please allow this to serve as my official notice, with an expected
departure date of September 2, 2005, management approval pending.


Eric G. Howton
Tags: aim, blade150, tom, tom_fav, unix

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