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Pinewood Derby

My boy's first Cub Scout Pinewood Derby was also my first. With any luck at all, this will also mark our last! A couple of weeks ago they canceled 'build-day' out from under us with no notice. I began calling around and sending out emails and most of the replies were akin to, "Well, you know - that's really just for father's who don't have any tools, or don't know what they're doing or don't have any time."


I embody all three of those things.

Undeterred, I found a man with a wood shop, and our month-long adventure began!

Waiting for the race

A template of sorts. We used this as our color guide. Unfortunately, our overall shape came out looking more like a Chevy Lumina!

Rough-cut from a solid block of pine. This part took all of eight seconds.

Sanding. Always with the sanding. Unfortunately, this activity didn't lead to a general embracing of, 'patience' (Am I done yet?)

The base coat. Two coats of orange acrylic. Pine sucks paint like a sponge!

The finished product, ready to race.

The General Lee was a big hit waiting for its race in the 'impound lot.'

Running Time Trials.

The Heat: The General ran four times, losing each of its four races.

The Prize: "Most Colorful."

It shocked me (pleasantly, I might add) that they didn't dream-up something so that "every child is a winner" with some inane certificate. I was sure that's where this was headed with, "Most Colorful." They actually had a couple of special entry categories, another being, "Most Creative."

Check-in was at 1500, we arrived early to weight and lube our vehicle, and our race didn't finish until 1800. What a long, long, day. Fortunately, galinda822 arrived yesterday morning, so we couldn't wait to get back and visit with her! We drank some Warsteiner, smoked a cigar and turned in early in preparation for a full-day of visiting today! (Minus the time it took me to author this entry, she reminds me...)

Yesterday, while the boy and I were at Pinewood, the girls had a tea party and played dolls. Today we're going to engage in a fashion shoot! Next post will be chock-full of galinda goodness. And you can take that, to the bank!
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