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I don't do Top 40. Only because of galinda822 to I know who Christine Aguilera is, as she posted a YouTube music video awhile back. And I don't have time for YouTube videos. I almost never watch them. However, she never posts them. Thought I'd give it a go. Wow. She did a 'Andrews Sisters' style song. I like the Andrew Sisters. The video was a 1940's WWII re-creation. Very well done.

drax0r and I were in Best Buy and he ran off into a section looking for speakers. I heard some Middle-Eastern beats (think 'Putumayo') and turned my head. I was staring at a belly-dancer on a 72" High-Def screen watching a Blu-Ray concert. They had some comfortable chairs set around it. I sat down. The beat increased. The camera swung from the belly to the entire dancer. She began singing. I thought it was great! drax0r emerged and I approached the television - the DVD case was adjacent it. "Have you ever heard of..."Shakira?" Well of course he had.

I told my wife later that evening that she would've really enjoyed it and she smacked me for not buying it while I was there. "There were three - I didn't know which one to get!" So I got them today. All of them. And the double-disc Back to Basics from Christine Aguilera because she wanted that one too. And that's the one which surprised me. She borrows from so many different sounds - era's long gone, of ages past. Big Band, Soulful Jazz. And though the CD is marked Old-Skool "Hi-fi" it actually includes elements of lo-fi; that is, scratchy 78's, monouralistic radio broadcasts, etc. I would be amazed by the production value alone of this CD, or the quality of the songs in the creative way she brilliantly ties together these different sounds in entire songs. But I have to admit - I wasn't expecting her to sound so damn good. What a voice. What a singer! I guess what I'm listening to is considered, "Pop" and if so, color me impressed.


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