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World Market

The closest World Market to us is about a half hour away. Not bad. Unless it happens to be a Saturday. My wife has not ridden with me on the Turnpike before. I drive between 90-100. galinda822, photogoot and schpydurx are intimately aware of this, but not my spouse. She thought I might have been driving "too fast."

Our outing included lunch out and a visit to both the Half-Price Bookstore and Borders. Here then, is my loot:

*Links go to the product themselves on their own website, not some Amazon page. If I wanted to look up the product on Amazon, I would do so myself. In cases where the item's "official" page is not be found, I reserve the right, at that point, to link to Amazon. This does not, however, give you the right, to shirk your duties and lazily put up an Amazon link everytime you wish to link something. Oh, its your site, and you can do what you want to with it - please understand, however, people such as myself will hate you for it, and think you slothful. Of course I also may not. I may just link to a picture I think is pretty. If you wish to purchase any links, please feel free to search for them yourself in your online supplier of choice. Thank you.

  • Putumayo: Isreal

  • Michael Murry (on TELARC): An Organ Blaster Sampler

  • Michael Murry (on TELARC): Vierne, Symphony Nos 1 & 3

  • Enigma: Love Sensuality Devotion

  • Sarah McLachlan: Rarities, B-Sides, & Other Stuff

  • And finally, the highly recommended graphic novel Watchman. (which I refuse to read until I finish Stardust.) Additionally, lehah posted some pics of the upcoming movie on his site.

  • A shedload of things (for my British readers) amused me today, especially after downing an 'organic' Energy Drink whist in World Market (and I did check for Mana Potion Energy Drinks while I was there) which soon led to me becoming unbearable. Things which made me giggle:

    • The waitress apologizing for my wife's salad taking half an hour because "the computers were down." (we were the only patrons in the restaraunt at the time.

    • Saying, "Not just another coffee house" aloud every time I saw it in print (and it was plastered everywhere).

    • Seeing a sticker on a CD by Lesiëm (More specifically, the album Auracle) which read, "Sarah Brightman meets Enigma." Yes, that happened in 1993 and was called, Dive! What a riot! I wanted to slap someone.

    I'd also like to thank time3 for posting a video of the music of Mank which caught the ear of my wife and I now have all ten of his albums. A good day indeed.

    And did I mention I scored up a 5-liter keg of Spaten lager while I was there? I even have Spaten lager glasses as the house. How cool is that?

    Then we watched Lust, Caution.

    I enjoyed it much more than my wife did. It seemed to me an introspection on motivation. And at over two and a half hours, this was no sophomoric self-examination. The acting was superb. Lee-Hom Wang is the Chinese Clive Owen. Bravo to the entire cast. Excellent cinematography. The score was in the same vein as Tan Dun. Very little there - just enough to move the movie along. The NC-17 was four minutes longer than the "R" rated version because of the sex depiction which did not appear to be such.


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