ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Apocalypse For the Win

Riding upon steeds of death
Swords of morality wield
Eying my enemies with contempt (Deserving not charitable attempt)
Premonitory visions unveiled

Armed angels at my command
Legions battle ready
On the very edge of justice swift (Angelic theft of souls a gift)
Levy's burst; swirling chaotic eddy

Thundering toward campaign's core
My war cry transcends the din
The audible song of a thousand years (I sing of immortals' tears)
Turns all eyes toward my stoic chin

With one final decapitating blow
Trumpets of Heaven cascade in sound
Rivers of blood; allegiances shift (Tortured souls adrift.)
Drive my sword into the ground

Spirit beings disapparate at an alarming rate
Heaven slows its gait;

Transcendence of sensible reality negate...
I evaporate
Tags: poem

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