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You can't write stuff this funny...

So there's this young lady who interacts with Tomas and I on xanga, and just for giggles, she Google'd his username and tells us she found some interesting pictures of him.

Curious, I do the same using GIS and the first hit is the picture of him bombed out of his mind with his pants off in the middle of a field at midnight with the caption: Eating my own shit!

You can't write stuff this funny...

Eating my own shit!

Along the same vein, we've noticed a trend in commenting since my December 1st party: When I poke fun at schpydurx on an entry, my comments spike.

Why is this, and will this post follow suit, or nullify our control group? I want to put this to rest once and for all!

Poll #1155415 Mockery

Why do you people love it when I mock Tom?

Retarded people make me laugh
Its so much fun/easy
He brings it on himself
He's clueless!
He deserves your spite

Also Tom, those two DVD's you left at my house, the one I hated and the one I didn't watch? Yeah, my wife is sending those back to you. Thanks.
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