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Ruby Finds Her Tusks

Posted on 2008.04.08 at 09:26
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Ruby was the only walrus pup on the ice shelf who didn't have her tusks.

Poor, poor, Ruby!

"But I want to have pretty tusks." Ruby told her mama. "All the other walrus pups have theirs." And Ruby's mama always said the same thing to her, in a song:

"One day you'll be blubbery and fat, with long strong tusks for grousing at this and that."

But poor Ruby thought her mama was a moron.

And so it was that Ruby went philandering around the ice shelf trying to fill the void in her walrus heart.

The end.


Tomas Gallucci
schpydurx at 2008-04-08 14:32 (UTC) (Link)
Where can I get my own signed copy?
ehowton at 2008-04-08 14:41 (UTC) (Link)
I'll be signing them hell...for eternity.
Melancthe the Woe, So-Called
melancthe at 2008-04-08 14:39 (UTC) (Link)
You're an evil person.

ehowton at 2008-04-08 14:40 (UTC) (Link)
I'm going to hell, I just know it.
glodowg at 2008-04-08 15:44 (UTC) (Link)
Oh Ruby, don't take your love to [the ice shelf]!
ehowton at 2008-04-08 16:16 (UTC) (Link)
I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Walrus Was In).
photogoot at 2008-04-08 22:55 (UTC) (Link)
Thats just funny, thats what that is!
ehowton at 2008-04-08 23:00 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks dude. I'm just dying over here. I must've read this two dozen times at work today. I even pointed it out to my mother.
photogoot at 2008-04-08 23:15 (UTC) (Link)
It is a 5 star classic!
ehowton at 2008-04-08 23:02 (UTC) (Link)
If you think about it, aren't each of us trying to fill the void in our walrus heart?
photogoot at 2008-04-08 23:15 (UTC) (Link)
The only one I know who has been trying to fill the Walrus's void, so to speak, is schpydurx.
irulan_amy at 2008-04-09 03:13 (UTC) (Link)
I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Well done. :D
ehowton at 2008-04-09 11:20 (UTC) (Link)
Why thank you! I was pretty amused myself.
Tomas Gallucci
schpydurx at 2008-04-09 13:07 (UTC) (Link)
I think you might have entered the Muse with this one.
ehowton at 2008-04-09 13:10 (UTC) (Link)
Or at least the walrus...
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