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PEEPS: Haven't you accused FAQs of being unreliable since they appear to be written by some moron's allusion rather than based off *actual* questions?
ehowton: Absolutely! Especially when you come across new content - its like filler someone's written for the sake of clarification, but the supposed 'questions' are so obtuse its obvious they were fabricated. In this case, these are real questions I have received enough times to feel it warrants an F.A.Q. for clarification's sake.

PEEPS:I see you active on AIM but you never talk to me. Do you hate me?
ehowton: Interesting conclusion! The short answer is no, I do not hate you, though I am probably ignoring you. Sometimes, if I try to interact when I'm busy, it comes off as brusque, so I've found that pretending I don't see you works to my advantage. See, though I am 'active' that simply means I'm currently using my computer - and since everything I do revolves around its use, most of the time (especially, but not limited to business hours) I'm working. That is, using other applications, other open window, perhaps on another monitor, or another computer altogether. I currently have two computers and three screens in which I operate.

PEEPS: Sometimes on AIM you don't say 'goodbye' when you leave. You just seem to...stop existing.
ehowton: On a good day, I remember to sign off, with or without saying goodbye. My inability to send an EOF statement personally is not an affront to you, nor a point I'm trying to drive home.

PEEPS: I sent you an email and you didn't respond.
ehowton: The average human, as a microcosm for society is inexorably linked to their work. As much as we wish this didn't happen, and while I don't mean that we are defined by what we do, rather, our work permeates our home life and we often bring our personal life into the office. Across my emails accounts (I'm down to two, thankfully) I get about 1000 a day. Missing your email is rare, but unless you asked me a direct question, its likely I didn't feel compelled to send a read-receipt. This does not mean I hate you.

PEEPS: Aren't I more important than anyone else you chat with during the day?
ehowton: Yes.

PEEPS: When don't you post?
ehowton: When my wife uses her feminine wiles to distract me. Between posting & boobs, boobs win 100% of the time. Show me your boobs, you have my undivided attention. Well, at least your boobs do.

PEEPS: Isn't authoring an FAQ on yourself awfully presumptuous and egotistical?
ehowton: You must be new here! Hi, my name is Eric. Nice to meet you.
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