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Standing in the rain
Dark, and wet
Grimace on his face
Jaw set

Trick of light
Or absence thereof
Water filled sky
Depth from above

Equatorial rotation
Standing upside down
Orientation opposite
Wearing now a frown

Gravity's polar
Flings him into space
He never rooted
To just one place

Always on the move
Moving even now
Running from himself
Running from the crowd

Those who planted
Firmly set
Family; job
All needs met

He was a fighter
Desperate and alone
Without a home

Eschewing growth
Alone to smoke
Being mocked
Living a joke

Self-imposed exile
Purchased only pain
Too dumb to know it
Too stupid to explain

A life of mediocrity
Sews nothing at all
Reaps only frustration
Every single Fall

Flung into space
Only moments remain
Peace never came
Peace never came
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