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03K64 Winnebago-class mid-bulk transport

I am becoming a slave to my dreams again. Last three days here:

Several nights ago I dreamed my father had kidnapped a child. I don't remember the reasons for doing so, but they were reasons I agreed with and so supported him in this. Until the Feds came. We spent the first half of the dream misleading the Feds from our trail, and the other half trying to anticipate each other's answers under questioning so as to be in sync. It was a courtroom drama of a dream, intertwining motivations and scenarios.

I was in a glass-walled corporate center; massive, like a mall. There is a girl I went to high school with twenty years ago who've I haven't thought of....ever. Not even when I was in high school. Just a girl. And yet here she was, with her gorgeous friend who wanted to be noticed, but all I wanted to do was try to sleep with this girl from high school. She was in her late 30's now and looked much the same. Her brother joined us in what looked like one of those glass-lined smoking area's at airports, but we were in the middle of the walkway - and we were moving. On a track. A glass-walled mobile conference room in a glass-walled corporate structure. Her friend kept flirting with me with her eyes. She was very pretty, but I didn't care. Her brother was great - I'd never met him before. Clean cut, one of those extreme sports types. I couldn't quite catch her eye though. I wanted her. Bad.

I was with the crew of Firefly again, only this time, every crew member except Mal, Jayne, and myself, were female. Oh, and Serenity was an RV. Yup. We were in a big RV, traveling who knows where. Jayne was surly and doing Jayne things, like cleaning his gun and grunting. Mal was rubbing his hands together and scheming. The ladies were lounging around, being very un-crew like. My dream "opened" like an episode. Cue the music, zoom shot of the RV rumbling down the road...fade out. Interior shot...IT WAS AN RV! HOW WEIRD IS THAT?

Everytime I wanted to wake up these past three days (needed to wake up, because it was time to go to work) my dream would would shift, to hold my attention, thus disallowing me the cognitive ability to wake. There was a ST:V episode where aliens infiltrate the crew's dreamstate and manage to cleverly manipulate them by creating an environment in which they think their dreams are reality.

I hope I don't have to suffer through another weekend where you fuckers don't post.

Maybe I'll just go to sleep.

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