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what would the jesus do?

User called yesterday, "I cannot access my blade100."
"From where?" I ask.
"From my PC sitting right next to it." He replies
"Telnet? SSH? How are you trying to access it."
I find he's trying to browse his share with Windows Explorer. "I think there's something wrong with samba." He suggests. I've been trying to get into his box remotely the entire time during the conversation. I offer this: "Is your box powered on?"
"I can guarantee you that 100% of the time you will not be able to browse your samba share when your blade is powered off."


My heart jumps every time I see a picture of my wife.


Rec'd an email today approximately 2MB in size with the subject line reading, "This will take awhile to download but is worth it."

My reply to him:

Thanks for sharing! Oh, and for the record, it took approximately 6 seconds from my OC-3, slowed only by the speed of my ISP which sustained 187/kbps with peaks of 213/kpbs!


Wife is driving down tonight! I took Friday off and made a hotel reservation! w00t!
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