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I know Kung-Fu

OSX 10.5 "Leopard" now up and running on my mac mini. User 'catttitude' is now primary user on her mac mini. Xubuntu now upgraded to 8.04. DVD-RW installed to replace my failing CD/RW drive in my XP/linux dual-boot box. Failing CD/RW relegated to an external enclosure. Monitor 'riser' installed on my desk (now that I don't have a 150-lb 22" CRT):

Daughter woke me up at 0400: "Daddy, I woke the middle of the night!" My wife got out of bed to tuck her back in, but I've been awake ever since. Revisiting some old friends on Space Opera and Space Out and making some new ones. For example - I have an 'extras' download of Poledouris' Starship Troopers but with no track listing and it being in such disarray, I never listen to it. Being presented this way is much nicer. It just works, and the transition between "Whiskey Outpost Rescue" and "Nesmith And Mathazar" make it all the more delightful.

I'll be making pancakes for breakfast (provided I can stay awake that long - I stayed awake in part due to being stopped up, and my antihistamine just kicked in, dragging me down with it). I've been simmering my dad's recipe homemade syrup on the stove for nearly two hours. It should be good and thick by the time it's ready.

The boy woke up and started playing his Lego Star Wars game. I think I'll catch up with him and try to complete a companion piece to my steampunk open-cockpit plane I built a couple of weeks back.

Good times.
Tags: linux, music, office, osx

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