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Inactivity grips me
Life's interests wane
I feel nothing at all
Happiness, joy or pain

Immersed in quiescence
Complacency wins
Consider a coup
Give up in the end

Choose to do nothing
Nothing at all
Get out of bed
To stare at the wall

No accidental questions
Zero regard
A dead cat's curiosity
Grass growing in the yard

Won't play with my kids
Or touch my wife
Overwhelming despair
Internalized strife

Nothing can arouse me
Refuse to eat
Evaporating paint
I wish I could sleep

Synapses won't fire
No one to blame
No arguments to win
Neither impassioned nor aflame

My children grow up
Go on their way
Move out of the house
Time passes each day

I've sat for a decade
My wife died
Didn't attend the funeral
Didn't even cry

Ten thousand more years
Another passing age
The Earth cleanses itself
A turn of the eon page

Re-balance of the planet
Kills every living thing
But I'm not really alive
So here I remain.
Tags: poem

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