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Kroenen's Lied

Could it be at first too big, then too small?
Make up your mind and stick to your choice
But the things which depress you are making me insane
Your words are nothing but hypocrisy.

Oh how beautiful does art become through Latin
The world falls, the world and the hero!
Listen well - in my dream
There is no space for you, so lay down to sleep.

Being known as an eschewer of early adoption often paints me into a corner. Regardless, sometimes I have the last laugh, and sometimes I don't. Just like with everything else in this world. Surely those who do run out thusly, expending themselves as they may oft times also experience this. Its simply the nature of things.

Having rec'd the Collectors DVD box-set of Hellboy from celtmanx nearly a year ago, coupled with the gushing 'teh Marco' fangrrlishness of melancthe notwithstanding, AND having received a lackluster review from those I've known who've seen it, led me to believe that Hellboy and its second-rate composer Beltrami score was another reach for the brass ring toward yet another comic book brought to life on the silver screen. I mean, I hadn't even ever heard of Hellboy as the studio seemed to be fighting now over cut-rate comics just to find something to exploit. And its not like the top-rated comic movies were getting any better, either. "Batman & Robin" anyone? "Spiderman 3?"


I found the story enjoyable, the characters, while initially flat, seemed to come to life over time - and the villains fresh and interesting. But most of all, the score. While I'd heard "Father's Funeral" and found it a fair listen, without having the force of the imagery and emotion behind it in context, it honestly fell flat, and I didn't realize how much so until I was watching the film.

I have a new favorite soundtrack now, that I will likely listen to until I can no longer stand it. And as an opera lover, I have sure enjoyed its prelude, "Kroenen's Lied" a hint of Wagnarian nod. What a great flick! celtmanx, thank you. melancthe, I appreciate your patience (and thanks for your work on the awesome screencaps!) I'll eventually come around.

In looking over the lyrics to Kroenen's Lied I found many places suggesting that the track was the "Lover's Duet" (Wie sie fassen, wie sie lassen...) from Tristan und Isolde and while that information appears erroneous, that arrangement was playing on the turntable both times [Kroenen] was seen listening to music.
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