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Took my boy to see Speed Racer. What a visual extravaganza! What a great score! But at two hours and fifteen minutes what an extraordinarily long movie! Having been born in 1969, I grew up watching Speed Racer the cartoon - and was thrilled to hear those elements in the music. The eye-candy was hyper-saturated and over the top and much better than a live-action version of Hot Wheels: World Race which is what I was expecting.

RUMBLINGS: Apparently some thought it to be a 'serious' movie and were disappointed.

The family and I walked to the pool and I spent a good hour listening to Hellboy and started William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition." On the back of the cover was a recommendation by Neil Gaiman, who they cited as the author of "American Gods" which I understand galinda822 has sent me, with her full recommendation that I will love it - I can't wait! The book will now reside in my backpack so I can always have it with me, just in case. Due to my soundtrack selection I came home and sought out the trailer to Hellboy II. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC! I watched it seven times.

RUMBLINGS: I've heard some say it may be crap. Perhaps they saw a different trailer than I did?

So far the movie which displays the worst picture on my new widescreen television is the Battlestar Galactica seasons (I haven't checked the mini-series yet.) They're very grainy. To the point of distraction. I don't know why. The best picture on it I've seen thus far is Alfred Hitchcock's Rope. To the point of distraction. I became emotional at the brightness of the colors.

RUMBLINGS: They're saying Blu-Ray players will price-drop considerably after Christmas this year.

I have a road-trip of sorts planned for tomorrow. I'll try to take some snaps along the way. Accompanying me will be an ice-cold 16oz. can of Monster and "Riding As One: The Western Film Scores of Bruce Broughton" and "Redwoods."

I'm looking forward to my drive.

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