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June is Bustin' Out All Over!

1400 Friday I drove to Boyd in drax0r's truck, leaving my son with him to get a dresser and my deep-freezer, to pick up his kegerator and leave my daughter with my parents for the entire week, as Friday was their last day of school for the year.

Saturday I grilled hog for my mother-in-law and her brother who drove down to pick up my son and take him back to Wichita for the entire week. We had a horrific breakfast at IHOP (I don't think I'm ever going to eat there again) early this morning, then they headed out as we found ourselves in McKinney at 0900 Sunday morning.

My wife did quite a bit of shopping, and while we were out, I picked up six CD's for $3 each at Half-Price Books. Yes, I can spot Varese, Telarc, DG & Putumayo from 25-feet:

  1. Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace

  2. Sweeny Todd...In Jazz

  3. Wagner: The Compact "Ring"

  4. Swan Lake (2-disc)

  5. African Party

  6. REO SPEEDWAGON (2-disc)

This haul helps takes the sting out of SAE canceling my Pleasantville score due to lack of stock (I did borrow the SOUNDTRACK from my dad and I've been relying on my 256kbps/VBR copy of the score I had squirreled away on iTunes - an entirely acceptable substitute), and have been putting my toe in Flight which I began listening to while searching for music to accompany my last post (and now must go and read the entry, as it pre-dates my introduction to swashbuckler332).

Wife shopped, I tried on shoes and hats, buying neither. I'm quite picky. The most interesting thing I found was the New Puma Levitation Lace GT. They retail online for $120 but the outlet mall had them for $95. They're made in Vietnam. I told them my buddy unixwolf was visiting over there and could probably pick them up for $2.

While certainly eye-catching, I'm unsure I'd ever be able to wear yellow shoes in public.
The red were equally as distracting.

And lastly, I got into a screaming match with my poor wife. *sigh* All I wanted was a small sandwich baggie. I'm standing in the pantry, "They're next to the spices." she says. I see the box, but I want the small ones. "They're next to the spices." she repeats.

I try to clarify, "Yes, I see the those bags, I want the SMALL ones, like for a sandwich."

"They're NEXT TO the spices." She repeats, again.

Through gritted teeth, I explain...very...slowly..."I see the large bags. I WANT THE SMALL ONES. LIKE FOR A SANDWICH!"

She stands, and whirls towards me, "THEY'RE NEXT TO THE GODDAMN SPICES!"

I snatch up the box of 40-quart bags, pull one out and open my mouth...

1-Quart Storage Bags; 40 Count
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